Car Body Repairs

With Wigan Autobodys, you know you’re getting quality. Located on Empress Industrial Estate, we are known throughout the area for providing a huge range…

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Vehicle Resprays

We can breathe new life into your old and tired looking vehicle. With car resprays, we can totally change the look of your car, or simply bring it back to its original condition…

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Scratches & Dents Removal

Scratches and dents are incredibly common on cars. They can occur as a result of stones flicking up from your tyres, accidentally scratching paint with buttons…

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Insurance Work

in the event of an accident, it’s likely that your insurance company will be able to cover the costs of any car repairs. Not only do we provide car repair and vehicle respraying services, but we also do it under payment from your insurer…

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Accident Damage

In the event of an accident and your car is not written off, it can be quite expensive to have it repaired. At Wigan Autobodys, we aim to make the search for affordable car repairs easier. We provide a huge range of car repair services in Wigan for affordable rates….

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Replacement Body Panels

When a repair isn’t possible, Wigan Autobodys sources the best quality car panels. We have a range of suppliers who offer us the very best new and used car panels at affordable prices…

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Colour matching services

If you only need car spraying on one panel, we can provide a colour matching service. This means we can source the exact same paint colour to ensure your car looks like new.

Repainting for perfection

Once we’ve removed a dent or a scratch from your panel, we can then offer car repspraying. This ensures that the scratch or dent is totally gone, and your car looks brand new.

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